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How LIFAN KPR survived 72-hour torture test

Release time:2020-03-19 15:48:56


On 13th March motorcycle review YouTuber “Bikes and Beards” published a video demonstrating 72-hour torture test on LIFAN KPR in the USA.

In the test video, Sean Kerr conducted a series of torture tests on the KPR replicating five years of abuse and stress which put the KPR under extreme conditions, including one-hour redlining, 72 hours of non-stop riding, towing a 6,500-pound van for half a mile, heating the engine to over 300°F and quickly cooling down, running without oil, two hours bumping on potholes etc. In the end LIFAN KPR withstood all the tests and the YouTuber was so impressed that he gives a five-star review on Amazon.

To date the review video has been watched over 159,000 times on YouTube.