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LIFAN KPmini ride across North America

Release time:2019-12-13 13:44:41


Since June 2012, the start of KP150 "10,000 miles long test", LIFAN has become "obsessed" with motorcycle tours, and has become a firm promoter of motorcycle touring culture. KP150, KPR, KPT, V16, KP350 and many other models have spread throughout Asia and Europe. Just before Thanksgiving, LIFAN's American branch received another mysterious motorcycle tour invitation to KPmini...

Before Thanksgiving 2019, we received an invitation from two veteran motorcycle review bloggers on YouTube, North America's largest video platform, to jointly plan KPmini's bold cross-country ride. The journey, which started on Californian route 66, took seven days and 4,500km across five continents: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. This is undoubtedly a comprehensive test of product quality and overall performance, but also a rare opportunity for many potential consumers in the United States to witness the manufacture of LIFAN from China.

If Tibet is China's mecca for motorcycle travel, then the Grand Canyon is the one in the U.S. for a bike ride. On the second day of the trip, two bloggers arrived on KPmini. The Grand Canyon has become a destination for travelers around the world due to its unique topography and magnificent scenery. Riding a motorcycle to the Grand Canyon is another special feeling of freedom.

After seven days of tour, the two bloggers praised KPmini for its power, performance and handling, "especially its performance at high speed, with no pressure for several hours on route 66 at speed above 100km/h and a top speed of 120km/h". With its superior performance and eye-popping appearance, our KPmini attracted waves of onlookers at each stop.

As LIFAN’s KP series is forging ahead steadily in the United States, more consumers will consider not only American and Japanese brands but also LIFAN with its excellent product quality and first-class after-sales service in the industry. Among our products, KPmini has become the trump product with its superior performance over competitors in the same category, helping us to open the market in various regions.

In the future, with more recognition from a small community to the vast majority of American consumers, and the continuous improvement of LIFAN's product line for the American market, more star products will set off a more lasting LIFAN trend in the United States.