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Chinese commercial counselor Liu Yuhua visited LIFAN Turkey

Release time:2019-08-16 14:20:26

July, Düzce. With a fine weather, the Chinese commercial counselor and cultural counselor in Turkey, Liu Yuhua and Shi Ruilin went to inspect and investigate LIFAN’s Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in Turkey. Their main purpose is to hold a theme Party day activity and it is according to the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy to carry out educational activities related to “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”. Therefore, Liu and Shi, together with the Turkish general chamber of commerce of Chinese enterprises and 8 representatives of Chinese enterprises in Turkey, such as China Tianchen Corporation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Huawei, LIFAN and so on.

They visited the factory production line, warehouse, exhibition hall and listened to the general manager of the factory to make a presentation about problems in the process of production and operation.

Counselor Liu praised LIFAN for its hard work in the Turkish market in recent years, also its outstanding contribution and good demonstration in promoting the economic and trade exchange between China and Turkey, especially in implementing the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. He then encouraged LIFAN to make continuous and further efforts in order to make the Turkish market better, bigger and stronger.

Finally, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, Liu expressed his condolences to the Chinese staff on the site, urging them to pay attention to the hot weather and further strengthen the management of production safety to prevent any accidents. The Turkish factory said that they would turn counselor Liu’s advice and sympathy into work motivation, so that on the international stage of “One Belt And One Road”, they could show the good presence of Chinese people by continuing to overcome difficulties and making persistent efforts.