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Hot products in Florida: LIFAN KP series

Release time:2019-06-12 16:16:30

Ever since motorcycles of the LIFAN KP series had come into the American market in 2018, they have been quite unique in the market. The reason behind is that American customers are more familiar with large displacement motorcycles such as Harley Davidson products, while not so used to medium and small displacement ones like sports (KPR), street (KP) and some fans’ favorite: mini bike (KPmini). However, LIFAN still manages to win the hearts of users through its quality products, excellent after-sale services, concerns about user experience.

Now, there has been a trend towards buying KP products in Florida. Florida is a tourist attraction and a retirement community located at the southeast of America, enjoying a subtropical climate. The local regulations support that residents can ride motorcycles below 50cc without a motorcycle driving license, but it cannot restrain people’s enthusiasm for larger displacement motorcycles. LIFAN launches different kinds of products aiming at different consumer groups, for examples, beginners, enthusiasts and older people. We break the monopoly of traditional scooters in local regions and gain popularity from many local consumers for providing them various choices:


“I like KPR’s strong power and the EFI system.”

“I’m a fan of KPmini; it brings me more refit possibilities.”

“What attracts me is that the American branch of LIFAN offers a two-year warranty policy and the easy-controllability of the KP series.”

There are different reasons for consumers to choose different LIFAN products, but one thing for sure is that they all trust LIFAN. With our quality products, excellent after-sale services, market segment policy, as time goes by, this LIFAN trend may surge up other states of America.