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1st LIFAN Cup Football Championship kicks off in Cameroon

Release time:2018-12-19 09:52:37

The 1st “LIFAN Cup” Football Championship sponsored by LIFAN Group and hosted by local agent GRAND BAZAR SARL, officially kicked off in Cameroon on the afternoon of December 15, 2018 (local time).

The opening ceremony started at 13:00 at the STADE CICAM Stadium in Douala, with the attendance of Fonkou Prosper, General Manager of GRAND BAZAR SARL, the sole distributor of LIFAN Motorcycle in Cameroon, Adam Li, the Cameroon Sales Manager of LIFAN Motorcycle, and Lucien Mettomo, a indigenous football star. In addition, Cameroon singer Saint Bruno and well-known comedian Massa Yacop were also invited to cheer up the event. The whole ceremony was covered by local network EQUINOX TV & RADIO.

Fonkou Prosper, General Manager of GRAND BAZA SARL of Cameroon, delivered a speech and announced the opening. The vibrant traditional music kindled the passion of all the audience. The championship trophy and medal were unveiled in the warm applause. Later the guest went into the pitch, passed the football and kicked off the game.

At half-time break, Cameroon singer Saint Bruno ignited the passion of the audience with a unique singing style integrating the traditional music with LIFAN culture. The call of “Enjoy LIFAN Enjoy Life” resounded throughout the stadium and lit the whole game. In the end, AS MOTO NOUN defeated GCLDLA by 2:1 and won the match.

After the game, local comedian Massa Yacop introduced in rap style the Amazing150, the upgraded version of LF150-2C specially developed for African markets. Test rides were also offered for users to get a closer experience of the vehicle. With strong power and loading capacity, the Amazing150 won over a crowd of audience on site.

Fonkou Prosper, General Manager of GRAND BAZAR SARL, said to EQUINOX TV & RADIO reporter after the game that Lifan Cup Championship is a great event for football fans as well as for motorcycle consumers; the players are committed to the game, just like LIFAN Motorcycle dedicated to products, and in the end of the interview he invited customers to visit nearest LIFAN stores to check out new bikes in town.  

There are eight teams competing in the 1st LIFAN Cup Douala Division. The Championship is expected to hold 12 games in one month. GRAND BAZAR SARL will organize LIFAN motorcycle shows, test rides and other activities during the event to attract customers. Backed by the football heritage in Cameroon, LIFAN Cup will bring wider awareness and make the motorcycle brand further understood by the public.