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LIFAN resumes production after COVID-19 outbreak

Release time:2020-02-23 10:53:59


On February 22nd, LIFAN reopened after a short downtime since the outbreak of COVID-19. Proper arrangements and preventive measures had been implemented to strictly guard against and defend this outbreak while remaining normal production.

At the site of the inspection, CEO of LIFAN Group Mr. Bob Yang addressed the leading team to focus on the inspection of epidemic prevention supplies, disinfection supplies configuration, and implementation of prevention and control measures, etc., requiring all departments and regions to strictly comply with the company's epidemic prevention and control requirements.

Bob Yang said that all units must put the safety of our workers in the first place, and at the same time to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production. It is hoped that the staff will attach importance to epidemic prevention and perform their duties in strict accordance with regulations and carry out their work in an orderly manner.



Prevention first, resumption second

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, LIFAN attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and strictly implements the prevention and control measures in accordance with the relevant requirements and regulations of governments at all levels including the office environment disinfection, canteen dining management, transportation and staff accommodation and other aspects of the thorough deployment.

Since February 10th, LIFAN had conducted a thorough investigation on the prevention and control of the epidemic among employees. We conducted a detailed investigation on the travel routes during holidays, the time of return to Chongqing and the contact information, then registered the first batch of employees returning to work on a voluntary basis.

After that, the outbreak prevention and control team screened the health, transportation, isolation and other conditions of the first batch of returning employees one by one to ensure that they were safe and healthy without the risk of infection.

From entering the factory, taking a rest at noon, to leaving after work, the company organizes volunteers to take the temperature of returning employees three times a day, and record it. Employees can only return to work if their temperature is normal. Three temporary isolation rooms are set up in the company for employees with the suspected symptoms. In addition, the company also requires employees to wear masks at all times when entering the factory.

Cleanliness is especially important during an outbreak. In addition to requiring employees to consciously sterilize their hands in the bathroom or sink before entering the office or workshop area, the company also prepared disinfectant, alcohol, rags and other protective materials for each office making sure our workplace is clean and sterile.

In order to do a good job in scientific prevention and control, the company produced a COVID-19 prevention manual covering the knowledge of mask use, cleaning and disinfection, public area prevention and control, etc. We have distributed it to the returning staff, requiring them to study carefully and strictly implement it.


The outbreak control team on standby

In order to ensure the resumption of work and production, LIFAN has set up an outbreak prevention and control team early on, which is fully responsible for the outbreak prevention and control work of the group.

Besides, more than 20 volunteers have been drawn from functional departments of the group, motorcycle business department and other non-front-line production departments to take charge of temperature measurement and environmental disinfection.

At 7:00 am, the volunteers will arrive on time and take the temperature of the returning employees at the gate of the factory and in the dormitory area. At noon and afternoon, they will supervise all departments to measure temperature. In addition, volunteers will also disinfect transport vehicles, matching manufacturers' vehicles, logistics vehicles and employees' cars entering the factory, and take entrants’ temperatures.

The leader of the volunteer team, Liu Huiping introduced that as early as February 10th, volunteers had already begun to disinfect the factory, dormitories, canteens, office buildings and other public areas once a day.


Transportation closed-loop management

After returning to work, the company implemented closed-loop management during epidemic prevention and control to prevent employees from being exposed to infection on their way to and from work. Employees are required to take company shuttle bus, self-drive, carpool and walk to and from work. Public transportation like buses, light rail and others are prohibited. If they are unable to meet this requirement, they can also choose to live in the company dormitory.

When travelling on shuttle bus, you must carry your staff pass and wear a mask. Each car shall arrange the conductor to take a temperature for each passenger, and the passenger whose temperature exceeds 37.3℃ twice shall not take the bus.


Accommodation unified management

The company shall conduct unified management of the dormitory, and set up a dormitory chief, group leader and building chief to control the epidemic situation of the dormitory staff. They are responsible for daily statistics of temperature and physical signs of the staff, and the after-work activity track for registration.

At the same time, employees are required better not to leave the dormitory area after work. And it is forbidden to wear work clothes to non-working areas after work. All group activities are prohibited.

Time-sharing for staff meals

The company encourages employees to bring their own meals while the canteen adopts time-sharing and fixed-point distribution, with separate tables to avoid staff gathering and encourage staff to bring their own cutlery.

At present, according to the number of people who need to eat in the canteen, the company divides the dining period into three periods: 11:30-11:55, 12:00-12:25, 12:30-13:00.

In order to ensure the safety of personnel in special periods, we can also enjoy the considerate service of sending the meal to the designated area by the canteen staff according to the demand quantity of each department on that day.


Work resumption with full strength

On the first day of resumption of work, a total of 1015 employees arrived, of which 70% are front-line workers.

"Two production lines have been restarted today, with 220 employees in the vehicle workshop, and 500-600 motorcycles can be taken off the production line every day. " Deputy General manager of LIFAN Motorcycle Production Division, Sun Chongjun introduced.

As for the parts, through the communication before the resumption of work, some suppliers have delivered the goods successively since 19th. With the preparation before the Spring Festival, there are nearly 3,000 sets in internal and external inventory. More than 60% of suppliers will resume supply by next week (Feb 24th), as all industries gradually resume work.

In terms of logistics, LIFAN international logistics department has been actively paying attention to all kinds of information, arranging employees to work at home, timely tracking the resumption of business, maintaining the normal service and transportation, and sending out three engine cargos to Jiangmen on the first day of resumption.

As for customers' biggest concern about buying a motorcycle, Yuan Yong, General Manager of LIFAN Motorcycle Domestic Sales Company, said he would try to increase production capacity after the resumption of work, made up for February's orders in March and ensure a successful completion in March.

Yuan also issued a proposal to all the staff, "with a firm confidence, we will be able to overcome the difficulties, and achieve the double victory of anti-epidemic and growth together!"