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LIFAN celebrates 40th anniversary of Chinese motorcycle industry

Release time:2018-12-22 10:40:09

The 40th anniversary celebration of Chinese motorcycle industry and the launching ceremony of Chinese Motorcycle 40-Year Report were kicked off in Chongqing on December 21. Bob Yang, Executive Vice President of LIFAN Group, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech.

A great number of industry representatives were attracted to participate in the grand event. Many awards were granted at the conference to the significant contributions to the development of the motorcycle industry for 40 years. Yin Mingshan, founder of LIFAN, won the honorary title of "Top Ten Outstanding Personages in Chinese Motorcycle Industry for 40 Years" and Bob Yang, Executive Vice President of LIFAN Group, won the honor of "Top Ten Influential Personages in Chinese Motorcycle Industry for 40 Years". LIFAN Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. was awarded "Top Ten Exporters in Chinese Motorcycle Industry for 40 Years”, Chongqing LIFAN Motorcycle Engine Co., Ltd. won the title of "Outstanding Supplier in Chinese Motorcycle Industry for 40 Years", Shenyang Wanmo Trading Co., Ltd. with close cooperation with LIFAN for 20 years was granted "Top Ten Distributors in Chinese Motorcycle Industry for 40 Years".

LIFAN Group started from motorcycles and has gradually grown and become an important part of China's motorcycle industry through 26-years hard work. The policy of reformation and opening-up is indispensable to its development. "Not only because we dare to fight, but also because of the policy of reformation and opening-up, we expand our business to the overseas market." Bob Yang said in his speech.

Since LIFAN Motorcycle obtained the self-managed import and export right in 1998, it has regarded export trade as one of the "troikas" for enterprise development, and strives to be the vanguard of Chinese motorcycle exports. In the 20 years of overseas market expansion, from going out to going in, and going on, the product of LIFAN Motorcycle has been exported to 117 countries and regions around the world.

At the beginning of marketing abroad, in order to grab market share, LIFAN Motorcycle sold its products with lower price and preferential marketing policies to make its products quickly become popular in the Vietnamese market. "In order to win initial success of our brand, we organized the event of "LIFAN Motorcycle Flying over Vietnam's Mother River - Red River", and invited Lee Huyn Duc, the first football star of Vietnam to LIFAN Club to play football. Since then, LIFAN has become famous in Vietnam." Taking Vietnam as an example, Bob Yang described the efforts made by LIFAN Motorcycle to develop overseas market.

In order to really enter overseas market, LIFAN began to build factories overseas and promote motorcycles under LIFAN brand. "We have established our own factories in Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey to make our market covering the whole of Southeast Asia." Bob Yang said. With the success of the Southeast Asian market led by Vietnam, LIFAN Motorcycle began to expand the market toward more countries. At present, the product of LIFAN Motorcycle has sold into 117 countries and regions around the world.

With the overall improvement of the international economy, there have also been obvious changes in overseas key markets. Bob Yang said that the sporty, leisure, electric and large-displacement motorcycle might be the future trend in the overseas market, and LIFAN also actively implemented the transformation and upgrading of the motorcycle industry, focusing on large-displacement, leisure and high-power electric motorcycles and scooters. "This year, our new products such as the CT-Rain, the CT-Ray, the E3, the V16, the KP250 and the KPM200 have been highly acclaimed. The success of the KP series after being introduced into Thailand, Vietnam and Europe and the United States has greatly enhanced our confidence."

"A thousand mountains become green and it is better to make sail with the power of east wind", Bob Yang believed that Chinese motorcycle industry would have a great future after the transformation and upgrading. He said that "in the future, we will continue to explore overseas markets with the driving force of reform and opening-up for 40 years, and keep stable and sound development in overseas market".