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KPS200 wins 2016 Top Chinese Model

Release time:2016-10-31 11:34:44


In the 14th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (hereafter refers as CIMA Motor 2016), upon the completion of "Top Chinese Model" held by CAAM Motorcycle of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Lifan KPS200 won the title of "2016 Top Chinese Model".

"2016 Top Chinese Model" was held by CAAM Motorcycle under the technical support of China National Motorcycle Testing Center, with the participation of 29 professional media including Cycle World,, Jindongli Motorcycle, and The propagation covers three fields: automotive, motorcycles and tourism. "2016 Top Chinese Model" adopts the combination of "Expert Evaluation + Fans Survey" and "Online Voting + Offline Measurement". So far, "Top Chinese Model" is the most authoritative evaluation and communication platform in motorcycle industry with the largest brand influence. " Top Chinese Model" has been held two times since 2014.

The motorcycle model are evaluated according to "Three Major Principles" and "Seven Issues Adhered". "Three Major Principles" refers to the "importance, leadership and guidance" of the product. New models at different grades should be tested and evaluated from these three aspects. "Seven Issues Adhered" refers to "appearance design, process quality, power and drive system, unique design and technological innovation, performance testing, safety, and driving feeling".

KPR150 produced by Lifan has won the title of 2014 Top Chinese Model of Street Bike Category (200CC or less)". KPS200 was re-awarded the title this year. Through laboratory testing, road driving test and final discussion of judges, KPS200 withstood the test on quality and production process, and performed noticeably well in practical operation. Therefore, KPS200 was assessed as the "2016 Top Chinese Model".

In the year of 2016, for the Chinese motorcycle market, it is an extremely critical year. The preference and requirement for the product of the consumers in China are undergoing a profound change. In the face of rapidly changing market, Lifan Motorcycle also makes appropriate adjustments for product research and development strategies. In the process of change and response, Lifan Motorcycle will accelerate product upgrade and structural adjustment, to open up the motorcycle consumer market and show the consumers the benchmark of China's Motorcycle Industry.