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KPmini 150 breaks single-lap record of 150CC mod race at Sanshui

Release time:2016-10-31 11:33:07


Motorcycle races held by Sanshui Forest Racing Association was successfully completed at the racetrack in Guangdong Sanshui Forest Park on September 24 to 25. The race attracted many well-known motorcycle clubs and motorcycle riders to participate in. Lifan KP (International) Motorcycle Club appointed Wu Jianquan as the leader and chief technician, and Huang Jianfeng, Meng Xingbin and Tang Jiayao as riders to participate in the Tuned Street Motorcycle Race (400CC or less). All of the three riders achieved very excellent record.

In the timed qualifying, Huang Jianfeng, 9# rider of Lifan KPmini Racing Team, drove KPmini150 and obtained the fastest single-lap record (53.559) of Tuned Street Motorcycle Team (400CC or less) in Sanshui "Waiyiptat Cup" Motorcycle Race. He refreshed the national single lap record (the highest was 53.79 in 2013) of 150 Tuned Street Motorcycle Team of China Road Racing Championship. His record was ranked first! Meng Xingbin, 8# rider, was ranked third with 53.908. The second place was obtained by 22# rider of Rainbow Racing Team.

In the first round of the final, two Lifan KPmini150 motorcycles refreshed the single lap record again. They were the only two motorcycles with lap time of less than 52 seconds in the race. 9# rider won the first place in the first round.

In the second round of the final, Huang Jianfeng, 9# rider of Lifan KPmini Racing Team, refreshed the single lap record of 150CC Tuned Motorcycle Race at Sanshui Station again, and created a greater success with 52.67 seconds! Huang Jianfeng, 9# rider of Lifan KPmini Racing Team, in the leading place, was crashed in the race, but still won the fifth place in the final. Meng Xingbin, 8# rider of Lifan KPmini Racing Team, won the second place. His record was only 0.5 second more than the record of 22# rider driving NSR250 who won the first place. Living up to the expectations, Tang Jiayao, 7# rider of Lifan KPmini Racing Team, played his best performance stably and won the sixth place!

KPmini is the smallest model of Lifan KP family, but its power system is very powerful. The system is composed of NBF engine and built-in balance shaft. Specifically, NBF engine is featured by mature technologies and stable performance, and the balance shaft can realize slight vibration and fast increase of torque (max torque is 11.8Nm / 5500rpm). In addition, the power of NBF engine is at intermediate and upstream level compared with the engine with same displacement, and maximally can be up to 9.0kW/7750rpm. KPmini motorcycle is equipped with petite body, forming a perfect horsepower-weight ratio. In the riding experience, the rider can get a sound sense of acceleration, just like "a super horse pulls a small cart".