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2nd Convention of Myanmar Lifan Motorcycle Distributors held in Thailand

Release time:2017-03-20 16:00:00


Lifan brought the 2nd Convention of Myanmar Lifan Motorcycle Distributors to a successful close in Bangkok on March 20.


The flight arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on March 17 morning, carrying over 90 motorcycle dealers from Myanmar who came to Bangkok for the 2nd Convention of Myanmar Lifan Motorcycle Distributors in a four-day trip. On next morning the distributor delegation were invited to visit Lifan Thailand factory in Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone, a modern industrial zone located close to capital city Bangkok at the flourishing east coast of Thailand.





The theme conference started after a brief tour around the plant by an opening speech from Aki Sai, President of TPT Yeeshinn Co., Ltd., Lifan's biggest distributor in Myanmar. Factory manager Xie Puli then welcomed the guests on behalf of Lifan Thailand. During the meeting, Lifan senior management and Myanmar distributor representatives shared the work report of 2016 as well as marketing strategies and plans for this year.




Questions were raised and answered in subsequent Q&A session. After a short break, the guests were provided with some of Lifan's bestsellers in Thailand for test riding, among which the Vintage (LF110-S) and the Ares110 (LF110-26H) aroused great interest and bulk orders were placed immediately after the test ride.




During the following two days, the delegation visited the Grand Palace, Pattaya, and other famous tourist attractions and scenic spots of the country, having an in-depth experience of Thai culture. The 1st Convention of Myanmar Lifan Motorcycle Distributors was held last March in Chongqing, China, and the 2018 Convention is scheduled to convene in Vietnam, another ASEAN country.